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Well, here we are...after +7 years of threatening, we finally decided to bite the bullet and launch our very own rum tasting business - it's been on our bucket list for a long time and 2018 seemed the ideal time to go full steam ahead!

About me:

For those who don’t know me, I'm Michelle/Shelly/Shell/Shellers/Shells/Shellanator.

I’m just a keen rum and music fan, living in Wiltshire with my hubby Stu and super cat Watson, no kids, no dogs, no worries. I work for a local real ale Brewery and have been in the drink industry for +21years. Having successfully run a number of pubs/bars in my time, I am now at the helm of an award-winning Brewery Visitor Centre, offering tours and ale tasting sessions amongst many other things - if you haven't done our tour, then you should!

For me life is simple; ‘have a good time all the time’, it’s something that I try to live by in my everyday life. I have clothes on my back, air in my lungs and food in my belly, plus the added bonus of an amazing husband and a top cat...oh and an average rum collection (which is always getting better!).


I am a follower of Ikigai, I like what I like, and I am who I am. For those that are close to me, know how dedicated I am to all that I do, there’s no glass half empty with me...


Here he is - my better half, Stu!__He wa


Well, here we are...after +7 years of Shell going on about a Rum Bar, I finally gave in...

About me:

I'm Stuart (commonly known as Stu or Wooders), born and bred 'Man of Kent' now living in the Wiltshire countryside.



Like Shell, I have a passion for travel, which is pretty handy as my real job entails quite a lot of this, I work for a global office solution company as a Project Manager (EMEA). My work travels have taken me to some amazing places, and some not so good, but along the way I've enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life and have embraced each culture fully, trying to recruit local labour where possible and give back to the communities we work in. My work travels have certainly helped build our rum collection, so every cloud and all that..

I've spent many a shift behind one of Shell's pub bars (unpaid) so have experienced the drink industry first hand as well, my parents were also publicans for a while (my waitering skills aren't too shabby either).  I'm a real ale or rum drinking bloke, I enjoy football, play cricket, love music and going to gigs, very easy going and love life in general, cheers!